Investment Dealers


Since 2006, Ber Tov has advised its clients on more than 175 private placements resulting in the purchase and sale of more than $800 million of flow-through shares by our clients. Our clients’ interest in flow-through shares is not dictated by the strength of the market environment, providing for a stable source of funds in strong and weak markets.

We have worked with all the major investment dealers and many of the boutique dealers to find quality transactions for our clients.


Our business model directly aligns our interests with those of our clients. Neither Ber Tov nor any person or company affiliated with Ber Tov receives any compensation from the issuer of the flow-through shares or the underwriter of the transaction. One hundred percent of our operating revenue is derived from fees paid by our clients.


We typically participate in private placements structured solely for our clients though we have also participated through allocations of portions of a larger transaction. Our transactions have involved companies ranging in size from large-caps to micro-caps. Our key criterion is the financial soundness of the issuer to ensure the issuer can successfully complete its committed exploration program without hardship.

If you are a dealer interested in working with us, please contact Avi Wachsman at 416-514-0475.

Institutional Investors & Strategic Purchasers

We have worked with institutional investors and strategic purchasers seeking to establish or add to shareholdings in Canadian mining companies.

By purchasing shares from the initial flow-through share subscriber or the subscriber’s charity (to which the subscriber immediately donated the shares following the subscription), our structured transactions allow institutional investors and strategic purchasers to establish or increase their share ownership at a price below the current market even as the issuer receives the benefit of issuing its shares at the premium typically associated with a flow-through financing.

Our structured transactions are suitable for purchasers based in Canada or abroad. We have worked with purchasers based in the U.S., U.K. and offshore locations.

If you are an institutional investor or strategic purchaser interested in working with us, please contact Avi Wachsman at 416-514-0475.